Leaf Disposal & Snow Removal

Follow these leaf and yard debris disposal tips to keep street gutters unblocked and neighborhoods looking neat in Ogden City.

City ordinance prohibits pushing fallen leaves into street gutters where they can cause storm water pipe blockage, flooding and ice buildup on the roads.

Dry leaves accumulated under parked vehicles are a fire hazard when paired with sparks or hot engines.

Keep all yard waste out of blue Ogden City recycling carts. Place leaves, grass clippings, tree limbs cut in two-foot lengths, and other yard waste into green Ogden City garbage carts.

Take leaves and other yard waste to the Ogden City Green Waste Drop-off Site (1825 Monroe Blvd) which is free for residents who pay utilities like water and garbage collection services from the city. Call 629-8271 or visit ogdencity.com/Greenwaste with questions on using the drop-off site.

Snow Removal

Be aware of snow removal ordinances in effect from November 1 – March 15 and follow these practices to help keep all citizens and snowplow drivers safer this winter.

  1. Don’t shovel or blow snow onto the streets where it can freeze and become an accident risk. Residents are responsible for sidewalk snow removal within 12 hours after a storm starts. (Ordinance 7-2-8A)
  2. Move all vehicles, trailers, boats and empty garbage carts off of the street during snowstorms to avoid blocking snowplows and accidental damage from other cars that may lose control on slick roads. (Ordinance 10-5-21A)
  3. Snow must be cleared around fire hydrants in front of homes to keep them accessible to the fire department at all times. (International Fire Code Section 508.5.5) Residents unable to get hydrants cleared can request assistance by calling: 801-629-8074
  4. Keep a safe distance between all vehicles, including salt trucks and snowplows, if driving after a snowstorm is unavoidable.

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