The CORNER: Bringing life back to a special place in downtown

If you have been downtown lately, you may have noticed a little more hustle and bustle around the Southeast corner of 25th and Washington. A small kiosk building that has been quietly tucked into the backdrop for thirty years has recently been brought back to life. But don’t let its small stature deceive you! This two hundred and twenty-five square foot building packs a big punch and is aptly named “the CORNER”.

In 1989, Ogden City and UTA entered into a joint agreement to build a ticket and information booth on the corner of 25th Street and Washington Blvd. According to language written in the original agreement, the purpose of this building was “to sell bus tickets and to promote and sell tickets for community or civic events involving arts and culture that benefited the lives of Ogden/Weber residents”.

As transit needs changed across the Wasatch Front, the UTA FrontRunner line was introduced to Ogden and a larger transit and ticket center was built at 23rd and Wall Ave. Later, UTA’s main bus transfer area moved from 25th Street to 26th Street. By then there was little need for the small kiosk building to exist on the corner of 25th and Washington. Over the years, the building was leased and subleased, and eventually became rundown and underutilized.

In 2015, Ogden City led a charge to develop an Arts and Culture Master Plan. Multiple community outreach meetings were held and surveys were shared. Through this fact-finding process, we learned our community wanted a central place where they could find out about the incredible number of events, entertainment, attractions and recreational opportunities that exist around our town. The Master Plan for Arts and Culture was adopted on February 28, 2017.

In efforts to realize the goals and objectives outlined in this newly adopted Master Plan, Ogden City quickly recognized this small kiosk building located in the heart of downtown could develop into this central place for the community to find their arts and culture information. Ogden City bought out the remaining two years of a thirty-year lease from UTA that was due to expire in 2019, with intent to bring the building back to its original purpose. Since then, Ogden City, with grant support from Weber County RAMP, has invested in improving the condition and function of the building. Local artist Richard Ramos brightened the columns of the building with artistic lettering that tells the story of what can be found inside.

Once the renovations were complete, the CORNER officially opened October 1, 2018. Ogden Ambassadors who work at the CORNER do daily research and occasional field trips to local venues and events, giving them personal experiences and knowledge about the nearly ninety community partners the CORNER represents.

With all that has happened on this little corner in the last year, there are even more exciting changes to come. A local landscape and architectural firm, IO Design Collaborative has been working on design concepts for a brand new plaza surrounding the building. Plaza improvements will include fixed seating, lighting features, a mini-amphitheater and a public art piece.

Next time you are downtown, stop by and say hi to one of our Ogden Ambassadors and ask them about what’s happening this weekend. If you’re in the mood for a quick snack, they will make you a cup of warm tomato soup while you check out some of our locally made Ogden inspired gifts and retail items. If you are looking for unique holiday gift ideas, the CORNER is a convenient place to purchase gift cards to local golf courses, tickets to Union Station Museums or Dinosaur Park. Yearly memberships to the Children’s Treehouse Museum and the Ogden Nature Center are also available and make great gifts.

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