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Regret may be the worst feeling ever. What do you do when you realize your new health plan won’t cover your medication or your daughter’s procedure?  That is the worst kind of regret-regret with a major hit to your bank account with nothing you can do about it until the next Open Enrollment. 

The “Marketplace” or isn’t geared to serve you. The application is tricky and there are regulations that are specific to the state of Utah that need to be accounted for in the application process.  If you call the Health Insurance Marketplace, you’ll reach a call center; it is a call center with people who aren’t licensed in Health Insurance, who don’t know the regulations for our state, who don’t understand our networks or the unique layout of our state.  And what’s worse, when you speak to them about health plan options, they legally can’t help you!  Let me say that again, the folks at the Marketplace can’t LEGALLY help you choose a plan.  They can’t advise you, guide you or make plan suggestions.  They aren’t on the hook if you’re unhappy and they won’t be there to help you if and when something happens.  In short, they, and you, can’t be sure you’re enrolling in the plan you actually need.

In 2020, there are more than seventy plan options and five carrier choices, a sign of a good market. Do you want to spend time reading all the fine details of those options to make sure your family has what you need only to still potentially choose wrong?  When you need a plumber do you call a plumber, or do you try to do it yourself and end up calling a plumber anyway? Save yourself time and frustration and call a health insurance broker first.  

A health insurance broker knows our market; they understand the tricky application process and make sure your tax credit is accurate. They understand your needs and which plan is likely to suit those needs best. They’re licensed and have a great deal of time invested in understanding the intricacies of each plan so you don’t have to.

You can start with us.  We have more than twenty years in this business, and we believe that you buy a health plan to cover you when you need it. Your plan should cover you and you shouldn’t overpay for it.  We can be a resource to you and your family all year.  Need help finding a doctor? We do that.  Need help making sure you’re not going to overpay or have to pay a lot back at tax time?  We do that. Need to do some family planning? We do that. What if changes occur throughout the year? We take care of that for you. We are local and here for you and the best part about us is our help is FREE.

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