What is the Ogden City Diversity Commission?

Since becoming an official city in 1851, Ogden had established itself as a diverse community with a rich spectrum of cultures, religions and ethnicities. Reaffirming these values on September 13, 2016, Ogden City adopted the Diversity Charter as an effort to increase civic engagement and build an inclusive community that values everyone’s experiences.

The Ogden Diversity Commission is an instrument used by the city to accomplish the mission established in the charter which is: to identify and resolve issues, promote equity, cultivate positive cultural awareness, promote cultural traditions and enhance the well-being of those living in or visiting Ogden, Utah. Members of the Commission serve without compensation. Currently, we are at maximum membership on the Commission with 11 people serving on this body. There is an assigned administrative staff to the Commission that facilitates information and resources to support approved action plans.

Serving as a channel between the Mayor, City Council and our diverse communities to identify challenges and leverage opportunities to better support all people in our city. The Diversity Commission meets on the second Wednesday of the month to hear from experts on various topics that impact our community including housing, small business support, emergency preparedness, and many other topics.

At the same time, the commission is actively conducting outreach in community events such as Cinco de Mayo, Juneteenth Celebration, and Ogden Pride to get an accurate perspective on the daily challenges that are faced in our community. Similarly, we assist in elevating important community events and activities.

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