Pepper Spray? Really, Mom?

By Lorie Buckley, Ogden City Arts Coordinator

When I started as the Ogden City Arts Coordinator a few years back, my Mom truly believed that I wouldn’t be safe walking from my car to my office.  

I was instructed to be sure to carry pepper spray to ward off any unsavory characters roaming the streets. I sometimes need to remind my Mom that I have…ahem, let’s just say, several decades under my belt.

Being Davis County dwellers, my loving parental units remembered Ogden as a place you avoided, especially at night. Thirty years ago… maybe. Fast forward to 2019 and you’ll see a distinctive change.

Downtown Ogden is now a vibrant, colorful hub of restaurants, retail shops, galleries, and most importantly, people.

Locals and visitors not only enjoy access to outstanding mountain views, but also relish in public art sculptures and murals, musical performances, live theatre, art classes, even fresh produce and handcrafted artesian creations at the seasonal Saturday markets. 

How did this magical transformation occur you ask?

The changes, in part, come from the hard work and dedication of the Ogden City Arts Advisory Committee. Every month, 15 to 16 talented “Ogdenites” volunteer their time to plan, advocate, brainstorm and dream about how to continually make Ogden even more exceptional.

The Arts Advisory committee is essential in creating recommendations for City Council and the Mayor. They work on new public art projects, arts grants funding recommendations, ideas for the Nine Rails Creative District, First Friday Art Stroll and countless other agendas items.

I would love for you to meet them by visiting:   

Anyone can attend our monthly meetings. We meet at 8:30 a.m. on the second Tuesday of the month in the Ogden Municipal Building, 3rd Floor Council workroom.

Come visit! Pepper spray not required.

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