Ogden City Council Updates

Council Leadership Elected

Councilwoman Angela Choberka and Councilman Bart Blair

In their meeting held on January 7, the city council elected Councilwoman Angela Choberka, District 1, as Chair and Councilman Bart Blair, At Large B as Vice Chair.

Words from Chair Choberka: “I hope to continue to create a productive and collaborative relationship with the administration, as well as to provide overall leadership for the council. I also look forward to following up with the public regarding the progress of the Strategic Plan Directives.”

From Vice Chair Blair: “There have been great efforts to build stronger relationships with each other and with our community, and I would like to help that to continue.”

Five-Year Strategic Plan

Last year, the Ogden City Council set out to establish a community-based Five-Year Strategic Plan. An independent consultant was hired, and the Strategic Planning Advisory Committee was formed to find out what matters the most to Ogden residents. The study produced the following Four Strategic Directives:

  1. Economic Development

Ogden residents want to live in a community where there are well-paying jobs that allow them to provide for their families. Critical to success in every other area of the strategic plan is the ability to foster growth-minded economic development.

  1. Community Safety

Residents expressed a desire for more a positive police presence in the community to reinforce the perception of law enforcement as public servants. Additionally, improvements to roads, sidewalks, and crosswalks are also a priority for the community.

  1. Recreation

The people of Ogden also want to live in a place where their families can enjoy outdoor recreation and have plenty of options for all-age activities. Maintenance and access to the outdoors, as well robust organized recreation offerings, are what Ogden wants.

4. City Image & Appearance

Ogden residents want to proudly say where they’re from. This includes everything from the cleanliness of the city to continued partnership and collaboration with community partners.

The Council has already begun addressing the needs expressed in the strategic plan. This includes investing in translation services, a website dashboard to show residents up-to-date progress on the plan, increased funding for youth recreation, cultural events, and various capital improvements. The Council will be using the strategic plan as a guide for reviewing the budget. Visit ogdencity.com/strategicplan for more information.

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