Why my kid plays Ogden City T-ball

What is there to do for my active 3-year-old son? When I was researching online what was available, I stumbled upon serval different sports: gymnastics, dance, soccer, and then t-ball. I asked my son what he would like to do after explaining what each one was. T-ball was the one he wanted to play. With my older child, I had made a few mistakes and pushed her too early, which ended in her not wanting to play any sports. I wanted to ensure my son’s experience was different. Here are some key points that I did this time around to ensure a better outcome for our family.

• I made sure my child was participating in something he chose and was excited to do
• I chose Ogden City Recreation program because it is designed for children in age-appropriate groups.
• My husband coached a team, and I helped. We also encouraged all parents to help their child at the practices and games.
• We would play t-ball at home and get the whole family involved. It was fun for all of us.

• There was no pressure to perform better. We committed to my child having fun and feeling good about himself.

My child has been begging me to sign him up again since the season was over. I am glad that my child enjoyed being a part of a team and enjoyed the sport. I would highly recommend Ogden City Recreation t-ball. For $40, your child receives the shirt, hat, and a mitt (or a bat depending on the year). They get to practice ahead of time and then play 8 games total with games occurring twice a week. I would recommend this program to any family. Thank You, Ogden Recreation, for offering such an amazing program.

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