Ogden Reduces Fatal Accidents by 50%

Throughout this past year, Ogden Police have worked toward the reduction of overall accidents within the boundaries of Ogden City. Partnered with the statewide Zero fatalities campaign, Ogden Police began an initiative known as #Drivesafeogden. Weekly throughout the year, Traffic Officers focused on giving preventative tips on measures that can be taken by individual citizens to assist in the reduction of accidents. There has been an overwhelming response to this initiative with the community of Ogden offering support and appreciation for the continuing educational efforts.

In the year 2019, Ogden City reaped the fruits of this labor by realizing a reduction in the number of overall accidents throughout the year. Some of the preventative enforcement measures taken throughout the year by police included crosswalk enforcement details, DUI enforcement, seatbelt enforcement, and speed enforcement. The Ogden Police are aware that enforcement is not the primary catalyst of change; however, change can be accomplished through a conscious effort of the citizens themselves in practicing safe driving habits that lead to positive results. The most impressive accomplishment by the people of Ogden was the reduction of accidents resulting in fatalities by 50% in 2019.

In the past, many of these accidents resulting in death have occurred in the busiest intersections throughout the city. The majority of injury accidents, including accidents resulting in death, are not contributed to fate alone but are often predictable and preventable. With some of the leading causes of accidents attributed to excessive speeds, distracted driving, improper lane travel, and weather conditions, the citizens of Ogden took note as police offered friendly reminders on preventative safety measures. The result was a reduction from the previous accumulation of ten fatalities to a decrease of only five deaths in the year 2019.

While this number may appear insignificant, it is a win for both Law Enforcement and the community to achieve a significant reduction, as the loss of life in an accident has far-reaching effects to all whose lives are touched by the tragedy.

The immediate benefits of a reduction in injury-related accidents can be felt throughout a community in many ways. Outside of the personal effects of grief and pain associated with the injuries to both the injured and their families, benefits can also be realized on an economic scale to the entire community. The bottom line is that accidents cost everyone money. Accidents require resources from the community that come with an overall monetary cost. These resources can include emergency responders, hospital workers, street crews, and even long-term aftercare for many of the individuals involved in these tragic events. A reduction in injury accidents can allow money that would be spent on response and aftercare to be redirected to other areas of need.

Moving forward into the new year, the Ogden Police would like to encourage the citizens of Ogden to keep the momentum going. It is our goal to continue to focus on safe driving techniques and practices that, if implemented, will lead to a sustained reduction throughout the coming year. We applaud the community in its efforts and offer thanks to all of those who are committed to focusing on continued safety throughout the streets of Ogden. We will be continuing our #Drivesafeogden initiative throughout this coming year in hopes that, as we focus on identifying the cause of accidents, we can increase our educational efforts directly to those who can continue to make a difference. We look forward to seeing what can be accomplished through continued community/police partnership.

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