Our Community’s Diversity

Often, the term “diversity” is associated with race, ethnicity, or nationality. Although that is one of the many descriptors of diversity, it does not fully encompass the term. Diversity is said to only be 10% visible, which means there is 90% of a person’s diversity that is invisible to the human eye. You do not know of a person’s invisible diversity until you take the time to learn and genuinely ask questions about them. Visible diversity are traits we cannot change, for instance, age, gender, body type, and skin color, whereas invisible diversity are traits like, values, religion, socio economic status, and education. Additionally, with the exception of a wedding band, we do not know a person’s marital status; a person maybe a widow, live with their partner, cannot afford a wedding band, or have their own beliefs for not wearing one. It is a combination of both visible and invisible diversity traits that makes a person diverse. It is everyone’s unique diverse traits that forms our community’s diversity.

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