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Mayor-Family-2656211665-1581374292808Dear Ogden City Residents,

I want to express how proud I am to be able to represent this community, not just now in our time of uncertainty and constant flux, but always. We are a community that pulls together through thick and thin and lifts each other up in times of need. Your diligence during the past few months has helped pull us through unprecedented times and your resilience is paramount as we work towards stabilization and recovery.

I have been overwhelmed by the generosity and outpour of support that I have witnessed over the past couple of months. Businesses who are in the position to do so have donated large sums of money to help other businesses in need. Some have completely shifted their operations to manufacture, procure, and deliver much needed personal protective equipment to front-line responders and families in need. Patrons have adapted and embraced curbside service offered by dozens of local restaurants and in many cases, increased gratuity to financially help these food service workers. There have been thousands acts of kindness that speak leagues to the character of our residents and I cannot commend you enough for your strength, courage, and compassion. It is in the truest sense, neighbors helping neighbors.

As we move into Summer months that are normally bustling with special events and
opportunities to engage with your community, I hope that you’ll find ways to safely connect with your friends, families, and neighbors. Our City has adopted new ways of interacting through arts, events, and culture so I hope you’ll take time to enjoy some of these unique opportunities as we continue to come together, apart.

Mayor Mike Caldwell

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