Women in Business: Denette Stanger & Lisa Blake – YCC Family Crisis Center

Denette and Lisa do all they can to help educate and provide a safe place for victims of domestic violence and abuse.

It’s uncomfortable to talk about domestic violence, but the reality is, even here in Utah, one in three women will experience some form of it within their lifetimes. The YCC Crisis Center is on the front lines, providing protection, support, resources and training to those in need. Services are free, confidential, and available 24 hours a day.

Executive Director, Margaret Rose said, “My goal is to create opportunities through education, not just for our clients but also for our staff. We work to develop their skills and opportunities to lead and make decisions. Denette and Lisa are prime examples of up-and-coming leaders in their field, and I’m proud to work with them.” Education is big part of what the center does. They teach people the skills they need to become self-sufficient. They help with training, writing resumes, and preparing for employment. They provide help, support, and remove the shame associated with domestic violence. Lisa reminds everyone that, “It is vital that victims understand that abuse is not their fault.” Denette Stanger is the Victim Assistance Center Manager. The center provides help to victims of sexual assault and domestic violence. They provide the Crisis Shelter for families fleeing violence. YCC also has an on-site daycare, adult education, a head-start program, and housing assistance. They send caseworkers out into the community to help wherever they are needed. Lisa oversees the Domestic Violence Shelter. “Sometimes we picture a big institutional room, with tons of bunk beds and hard scratchy blankets. That’s not what it’s like. We make the environment as homelike as possible.” The shelter is there to provide a safe secure place for people when they aren’t safe at home.

Denette says, “We need donations, products, supplies, and financial support. With the current concerns with social distancing and protecting everyone’s health, the shelter has a great need for cleaning supplies. Anything you use in your home, we use here.”

Volunteers support the programs at YCC. They answer the crisis line, help around the shelter, do reception work, and even respond on scene to domestic violence incidents and support survivors through exams. They also help with fundraising, special events and projects such as cleaning, yard work, organization projects, and donation drives.

The Crisis Center is still operating and providing all their services. “We’ve had to find new creative ways to work with people,” Denette explained. With current social distancing, it’s been a challenge but they are making it work. The community has pitched in. Someone wanting to support a local restaurant bought a large number of take-out meals, and then donated them to the shelter. Another community member brought disinfectant and sanitizers. “Ogden is a wonderful area and is very supportive of the needs of the community. Thank you!”

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