Women in Business: JaNae Francis & Bara Stanton – Power with Peace Emotional Management and Hypnotherapy

Bara and JaNae have a mutual desire to help people with emotional healing.

Bara and JaNae are partnering to launch a brand-new Hypnotherapy practice here in Ogden. These two business partners connected through a mutual desire to help people with emotional healing. But, what is Hypnotherapy?

Bara explains it like this: “By accessing the sub-conscious mind, hypnotherapy enables clients to overcome self-defeating negative beliefs and maladaptive behaviors. This frees them to achieve their potential and enjoy a more fulfilling life.”

And what does that mean for you? Everyone has difficult and painful life experiences. Sometimes we hold onto them and can’t let go. Our past baggage is a factor in how we think, feel, and behave today. Hypnotherapy helps us to look into the feelings that have become buried in our subconscious mind. JaNae says, “The process is about making new decisions. When something happens to us, it changes our point of view. Sometimes, those views hurt us in the future. It’s about changing the way we view ourselves and our situations.”

Bara has a lifetime of experience. And now she’s specializing in abolishing emotionally induced pain and illness, overcoming pornography, and diminishing anxiety and stress. She’s very excited to begin this new adventure. JaNae specializes in desensitizing sexual abuse, treating childhood trauma, and improving self-esteem. Her training as a hypnotherapist has allowed her to use her experiences to help others. She uses her own forgiveness journey to guide her in helping others. “Many people have had very hard experiences, and it gives those events meaning when we can help them use adversity for a higher purpose. This was the reason I was drawn to hypnotherapy.”

Hypnotherapy is about connecting with your subconscious mind. We all carry around issues, and we don’t even realize that they can be negatively affecting our health and happiness. During a treatment session, clients are awake, conscious, and in control the whole time. They are never going to do or say anything that goes against their conscience or that they don’t intend to do.

Hypnotherapy helps us improve ourselves. Anxiety can be calmed. Emotional eaters can have their cravings reduced. Smokers can experience a reduced desire to smoke. People who have behaviors they want to change can see a big difference through working with their subconscious minds. If we can remove the emotional causes of our problems, then we will be free to experience life more joyfully. Bara says, “We are excited to see many people in the Ogden area receive this life-changing therapy.”

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