Women in Business: Kimberli Green – America First Credit Union

When it comes to balancing motherhood and a career, Kimberli says:
“You don’t have to pick one or the other.”

Her mother worked for America First Credit Union, which led Kimberli Green to follow in her footsteps. Kimberli has two young boys and, while pregnant with her oldest, planned on being a stay-at-home mom. “I lasted about six months before I realized there had to be a way to do both.”

She said, at the time, there was a stigma attached to having a career and being a mother, but she had the very best example. Her mom was a professional and an excellent role model. In conversation, her mother asked if Kimberli loved her. “What a crazy question, yes,” she replied.

Kimberli’s mom explained that she worked 40+ hours per week during her kids’ lives, and they still managed to have great relationships. She said if it was possible for their family, she knew Kimberli could also have a rewarding career, a family, and her boys would love her just as much. “I want people to realize you don’t have to pick one or the other,” Kimberli said.

After receiving the ATHENA Award from the Ogden-Weber Chamber of Commerce in January 2020, Kimberli noted that the idea of a work-life balance is sometimes impossible. Some days she can be the best mom, and others she can be the best employee, but, “I’m never both of those people at the same time.” It’s a give and take to find what works for the individual.

Kimberli began her America First career as a teller in high school. “One of the many reasons I love America First is that I’ve never felt I had to work harder because of my gender. People are rewarded based on what they accomplish,” she said. Her leaders recognized she was working for the position she wanted, not just the job she had, so she gained experience in many company areas. About eight years ago, she stepped in as a branch manager. “I really found a love for sales and working with businesses,” Kimberli said.

She’s now the Vice President of Business Development. She and her team bring growth to the credit union primarily by connecting companies to financial opportunity. “You see us out working with small and large businesses in banking services and helping their employees find financial success…We have a large focus on new accounts, commercial lending, merchant services, anything a business might need financially.” Kimberli loves her community and the opportunity America First has given her to work with people and being a connector for those around her.

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