Women in Business

Ogden is graced with many powerful women business leaders. We have had the honor of highlighting twelve of them in this issue. Our plan was to partner with a local retailer and to treat these wonderful ladies to a fun evening of getting their makeup and hair done while allowing them to try on clothing for the photoshoot. But as you might imagine, the COVID-19 pandemic threw a wrench in our plans. So instead of a professional group photo, we traveled to the homes of these wonderful women and took a porch picture of them, from a distance, individually or in small groups. It was so much fun to meet them and to capture the strength they each have as they represented themselves and their companies. We were also inspired by their stories which, you will find on the following twelve pages. Ogden is stronger because of these women.

I have always been inspired by amazing women. I had an entrepreneur grandmother who had a hair salon and beauty school. My mother is an entrepreneur who is a wedding planner and florist. My wife is the owner of Connection Publishing, which creates this magazine. These women inspire me, and our staff is much more powerful because of the women who work with us. One of the women we interviewed said, “I don’t know what to say about myself, I haven’t accomplished anything!” I couldn’t believe my ears. She is an inspiring woman who runs a successful business and is someone who I look up to. I asked her to still be part of this feature because she could inspire the next generation of aspiring women entrepreneurs and leaders.

Over the next several pages, you will find the bios of each woman featured. Most of them are your neighbors, and you probably know some of them. These women are leaders and examples of the best that we have, and we are honored to have them highlighted. We were inspired by their stories and believe you will be too.

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