A message to the class of 2020



I know that there is nothing I can write that will adequately express our love and concern for all of you. We know how hard you have worked in order to enjoy the ending of your amazing accomplishments as students at Ben Lomond High School. Our hearts break knowing that you are losing out on time spent with friends, teachers, counselors, coaches, and classmates.

We are currently working with your Student Body and Senior Class Officers in order to begin planning for the end of year graduation and celebrations that you deserve. We have many traditions at Ben Lomond that will carry on in some fashion. Our number-one concern at this time is that we keep you safe and follow all direction and guidance given to us by our governor and superintendent.

We do not know what the future looks like and when we will all be able to meet together as the class of 2020, but we do know that this will eventually pass. We are committed to honoring you! This may be at our scheduled graduation date of May 19th or into the summer when we are able to meet again. Regardless of the date, our promise is to celebrate and honor all of you as soon as it is safe.

The faculty, staff, and administration are extremely proud of you! You have represented this amazing school well for three years and have ensured that the class of 2020 will always be remembered as one of the greatest in Ben Lomond history.

Steve Poll
Principal – Ben Lomond
High School


For the first time in our history, Ogden High School students are finishing the school year by working from home. But the seniors were back at school recently for an important academic check-up and to pick up their senior signs! Student cars were lined up down the block for the drive-through outing, and seniors were excited to see their teachers and friends.

The school dismissal period has been hard for everyone, but especially for the seniors of 2020. They said they have missed their teachers and friends and shared many different reasons for staying motivated and continuing their school work at home.

We asked them to tell us their thoughts about their COVID-19 senior graduation.

“I’m Senior Class President and it’s been really tough, and I was really excited for all the end of year celebrations and giving my graduation speech to say goodbye to everyone, but the staff has been fantastic and we are working toward a great virtual graduation ceremony.”

“I’ve been trying to stay positive and have had some other really awesome stuff happen like getting scholarships, so that helps me to stay excited for the future.”

“Although we will never get the traditional graduation, it’s awesome to see our school come together and our teachers and principals working so hard to make it special for us.”

“I think people should stay motivated because you’ve made it this far, and you should keep going to get through this and graduate. It’s worth it.”

“It’s been hard to adjust and stay focused, but my parents are a great motivator, and I want to make them proud.”

“I think it’s comforting to know our school is doing all they can to congratulate us and our efforts. I’m not saying I wouldn’t prefer a traditional graduation ceremony, but it’s still exciting because we’re graduating high school.”

“We all need to stay motivated and have a plan for our future. We are all here supporting each other to help get through this difficult time, so remember to reach out if you need help. Graduation is worth it.”

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