Online Reporting

For incidents like a barking dog, report it online.

Online reporting allows citizens to file a police report online using a computer, tablet, smartphone, or kiosk at the Francom Public Safety Building for lower priority calls for service. When a citizen uses the online reporting system, they won’t have to wait for an officer to respond and can get a case number immediately. An example for the use of the online reporting system would be the loss/theft of an Ogden City garbage can. A case number is required to report the loss/theft of the garbage can to the Public Works Department. Instead of waiting for an officer to respond, an individual can file the report online and get the case number immediately. A valid email address and phone number are needed to file an online report.

The online reports are reviewed by officers and sergeants, then sent to detectives if there is any information to follow-up on.

There are certain types of calls that can be reported with the online reporting system, and there are a few questions that need to be answered before one can proceed in the online reporting system.

If you can answer yes to these statements, your case is qualified to file a report online:

1) This is not an emergency.
2) This occurred within Ogden City Limits.
3) There are no known suspects.
4) This did not occur on Interstate 15.
5) This is not occurring right now.

If you answered No to any of the above, call Dispatch at (801) 395-8221.

Obviously, if there is an emergency, please dial 911 to speak with a dispatcher to report the emergency.

A list of incidents that can be reported online is found below.

Barking Dog: If a dog has excessive barking that is causing a disturbance to another person.

City Ordinance Violation: Any city ordinance violations that are not generally covered in the Utah Criminal Code.

Damaged Property: When property owned is damaged, destroyed, or defaced by force.

Follow up/Supplemental: When victim has additional information to be added to an initial criminal report.

Graffiti: When property owned is damaged or defaced by/with spray paint or similar damage.

Harassment by Communication: When victim receives repeated communications via phone, cell phone, text, or other means that are unwanted or threatening in nature.

Identity Theft: When identity of a person is used/taken by a suspect without permission for the purpose of criminal activity.

Intelligence Case: Information that is obtained from the general public for the possible investigation of a criminal or suspected criminal offense.

Littering: When a suspect, without the permission of the property owner, disposes, discards, dumps or throws away any property on the owner’s property.

Lost/Missing Ogden City Owned Garbage Cans Only (Green or Blue): When you are unable to locate your Ogden City assigned garbage can (Green or Blue) to your place of residence/apartment.

Lost Property: When victim loses property that is not the result of a criminal offense.

Suspicious Activity: When the conduct or activity of another person/vehicle arouses the suspicion of the general public.

T-Case: When citizen suspects possible drug activity

Theft: When items or property are removed from an unsecured location without the owner’s permission.

Trespass: When the suspect enters and/or remains on or inside the property of another without permission.

Need a copy? If a copy of the report is needed, please contact the Ogden Police Records Division at 801-629-8067.


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