Art and Toilet Paper, Who Knew?

Let me guess…

You currently have 5,892 rolls of toilet paper in your closet or you are like me and are rationing your four remaining rolls. Sometimes at night, when my family is sleeping, I secretly hold them and whisper, “My precious, my precious.”

We all know hard times can bring out the best in people; unfortunately, we also see the worst rearing its ugly head. Our world is fighting an invisible enemy, and some think that hoarding toilet paper is the key to victory. Why toilet paper, you ask? I don’t believe anyone knows. It’s like the rush to buy the “it” toy at Christmas time. I never get the memo, I’m always the last to know.

During times of crisis, I like to avoid bad news and focus on the good: things that make me smile, that make my heart sing. The creative community of Ogden has been a shining beacon in this COVID-19 mess we are in.

Social distancing? No problem! Creatives have risen to the challenge, posting live feeds and images of their art, music, poetry, dance, and more. Ogden’s own First Friday Art Stroll was held virtually for the first time on April 3, 2020. Using the hashtag #ogdensharesart, local galleries, businesses, and the Ogden community gathered to share their creativity.

Since it worked so well, we are doing it again. Share your creative endeavors, whether it be traditional art, cooking, gardening, woodwork, or whatever your hands have created. Share it with us using #ogdensharesart on Instagram or Facebook. Then, follow along on @ogden_arts (Instagram), or @Ogdencityarts (Facebook) to virtually stroll with us during First Friday Art Stroll on May 1, 2020.

Utah Arts Alliance has a fun and engaging program called Connect. Normally held as a public event, Connect exists to allow artists to share their art out into the world. Artists can show two pieces of artwork to be judged by the participating artists and the patrons attending the event. Connect held its first virtual event on Friday, April 10. Using a combination of Zoom and Facebook, the event was a smashing success. Artists submitted their artwork to the Connect – Share Your Art Facebook group, then joined a Zoom call with over 35 participants. Connect is a perfect way to safely socialize and enjoy the arts. Watch for their next event coming soon.

Missing the local music scene? At-home concerts are the next best way to check in on local musicians! Ogden City Amphitheater has been sharing links to these musical gems. Their latest share was from Ogden City Limits, who has been releasing video podcasts highlighting the studio process of local musicians recording original music.

Art always finds a way to soothe the soul. Even though we can’t go out in person, these virtual havens have become a place to connect, distract, retain sanity, and even laugh.

Who knows, we might even see some toilet paper sculptures popping up in the near future. Of course, they won’t be coming from me.

It’s now become a contest in my house; you know, the rationing. How few squares can you use? I seem to be losing, but I think my family might be cheating. Short of installing toilet paper roll cameras, I’ll have to trust them until I devise a plan to prove otherwise.

Also, my rolls don’t seem to be breeding with each other in my closet. Maybe I have all females, maybe the temperature isn’t just right. Does anyone else have this problem?

Send help!

Toilet paper, or art…. both are very precious to me and are helping me to deal with this crap.

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