St. Joseph Schools Continue to Shine during Pandemic

Special article brought to you by St. Joseph Catholic Schools

Our St. Joseph school community remains.
We believe. We achieve. We inspire. We are St. Joe’s!

The world is, for certain, uncertain. These are unprecedented times in our history. At St. Joseph Catholic Schools, we are committed to continuing our efforts in achieving academic success. Our students can count on us to provide quality academics, a set school schedule, and continued development on new programs. We are here, getting students enrolled for the fall, setting schedules, and assigning lockers. St. Joseph Schools will carry on. We will succeed in putting your child’s education needs above all else. We will remain to carry out our mission of providing a quality, spiritually-enriched education to all who seek it.

At St. Joseph Catholic High School, we work diligently to bring your student’s education to the next level. During this time of uncertainty, we were able to begin our process of online learning on day one. Through our partnerships, a cohesive online learning environment has been established, and as we enter week 6 of our courses, our students are thriving.

St. Joseph schools sets itself apart from other institutions in the area by having the ability to offer our premium academics online. This doesn’t come easily; it’s done because of our amazing community that includes not only our students, but also our faculty and staff. Their dedication and enthusiasm encourage our students to continue to excel. Their support, not only academically, but also spiritually and emotionally during this time, is helping us to continue pushing forward.

As with everyone in the nation, special emphasis has been placed on our seniors. We realize that life events are changing the way we all live. They have been keeping their enthusiasm and energy for learning at the forefront of getting through their day. Our senior class of 40 students has earned over $5 million in scholarship dollars. Our student’s passions will take them far and wide this fall. The Naval Academy, the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, Johns Hopkins, Carroll College, Gonzaga, and Rhode Island School of Design will all be beneficiaries of our St. Joseph graduates.

Our ACT scores continue to excel over our national and local schools. We are able to continue to offer 10:1 student to teacher ratios and 75% student involvement in our sports and extracurriculars. St. Joseph is a designated AP Capstone school, and we have a 97% graduation rate. All of this, while continuing to offer extensive financial aid to our families during these times.

Our St. Joseph school community remains.

We believe. We achieve. We inspire. We are St. Joe’s!

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