A Message from the School Superintendent

Dear Ogden Community,

The Ogden School District remains as committed as ever to our mission of maximizing educational opportunities for all students in a safe, nurturing environment. There may have never been a greater obligation of this district to deliver on that commitment than there is now.

While COVID-19 has created an atmosphere of uncertainty and trepidation, the Ogden School District stands firm in our vision of empowering excellence through education. As such, we have been coalescing around the concept of Keeping Ogden Healthy (#KeepingOgdenHealthy). We appreciate the involvement of students, parents, staff, teachers, and administrators in developing what has become a very detailed plan to mitigate against the spread of this contagion and to intentionally invest in the wellbeing of our students and employees.

It is the intention of the Ogden School District to open our schools, deliver high-quality instruction, provide extracurricular activities, and even hold graduations. To be clear, though, any time people gather under our current societal conditions, an element of risk is assumed. We recognize that opening schools presents an inherent risk that we cannot entirely eliminate. However, we are expending every effort and mobilizing every resource to provide a safe and nurturing environment for our staff and students. For all of the effort that the District is expending, we cannot do it alone. We need all of our families and students to do their part in protecting themselves and those around them. While we will be welcoming all students to our campuses, we are also offering parents and their children the opportunity of engaging in the teaching and learning process remotely through Ogden Online.

I plead for all to maintain a level of equanimity as we navigate the vicissitudes and nuances of this complex situation. We will continue to work with the State and Weber-Morgan Health Department, the Utah State Board of Education, and the Governor’s Office to make appropriate adjustments in our obligation of Keeping Ogden Healthy.

I have the utmost confidence that the Ogden School District will be able to meet and provide for the academic and social-emotional learning opportunities for all of our children, either on our campuses or online. To learn more about the Ogden School District’s efforts to keep Ogden healthy, please visit KeepingOgdenHealthy.ogdensd.org.

Dr. Rich K. Nye
Ogden School District Superintendent

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