Are you missing something?


Last week my life consisted of work, work, some more work, along with a sprinkling of yard work. What is happening to me? Where is all the fun? I feel like I’ve been sentenced to a term of hard labor for forgetting to wear my mask one time or another.

I don’t know about you, but I am sorely missing all the fun things we had the opportunity to do before COVID-19. I have always believed this, but now more than ever, I know that art makes life exciting. Summer Twilight concerts, art festivals, full-size Farmer’s Markets, and more are missing from our lives.

Hopefully, next summer will be different, but in the interim, Ogden City Arts, Culture, and Events have been working hard to pivot their programming to bring safe, socially-distanced programming to the Ogden community using #OgdenSharesArt.

The #OgdenSharesArt initiative was created in March 2020 as a tool to allow the community to participate in the virtual First Friday Art Strolls. By using the #OgdenSharesArt hashtag on Instagram and Facebook, community members were able to post images and videos of their creative practices during the virtual art stroll.

This new movement has now blossomed into the public art realm. The #OgdenSharesArt initiative is working to provide access to art while practicing social distancing. Art Discovery Maps will be available for the community to use while seeking out Pioneer Day Painted Horses, Ogden Public Art pieces, art murals, and more.

What a fun activity for friends and families. Hunting for art while enjoying the outdoors, local take-out, Ogden’s beautiful parks, and trails. Be on the lookout for the #OgdenSharesArt signs that will be placed throughout the city.

Maybe, for good behavior, my warden will let me out for some art therapy.

P.S. Please send cake.

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