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Generations of this local family loves making your truck family friendly

Dog ready!! Leer truck shell featured on this truck.

Sam T. Evans Senior started the company in 1958 here in Ogden. The original location was 12th and Washington. They got started selling used trucks, but soon began adding all sorts of accessories to make them more useful and appealing. As time passed, they began to focus more on accessories, and the rest is history! Sam Jr. got his start detailing vehicles. After college, he came home and worked with his dad from 1978 until Sam Sr. passed away in 1979. From then on, Sam Jr. ran the business in its current location on Wall Ave, until passing it on to his son Eric Samuel in 2007. The whole family worked there, Sam’s wife, two daughters and his son. Sam’s daughter and son-in-law have operated the location in Salt Lake City since 1990.

Working with family has its share of challenges, but, Sam says, “It’s been a good thing. My father always taught me to treat people the way you want to be treated, and we’ve always tried to stay true to that. In business, you make a lot of new friends. And I think in this day and age, where people can order everything online, its customer service that makes the difference. You have to take good care of your customers, and we have a great crew, and they do just that. And that’s one of the reasons we’ve succeeded and kept the business going as long as we have.”

There’s always something new in the world of truck accessories, and it’s important to stay current and provide the newest products. Do you need to make your truck more family friendly? It’s time for camping, hammocking, fishing, making memories with your family, and enjoying the outdoors. You can add a bed cover or a shell to your truck. That way, you can safely and conveniently stow groceries or other cargo, leaving plenty of room in the cab for the kids. And the Sam T. Evans team can review all the options with you and help you pick a good fit. They even have automatic bed covers. There are so many storage options that will work for you and make your life easier.

The DECKED truck bed tool boxes features storage for anything from tools to fishing gear.

If you have a larger pet, traveling in the bed with a shell might be a good option, so your pet can’t fall out. Using front and side-sliding windows will provide plenty of ventilation. The shell will be cab-high allowing plenty of headroom.

Running boards are wonderful. They make getting in and out of your truck so much easier! Ladies, ever tried to climb into your truck in a skirt? Or have you ever needed to take grandma for a ride? Or, let’s face it, we’re still going to have our truck when we ARE grandma and grandpa. You’ll love the running boards.

Would like to tow a boat or a trailer? Are you considering a 5th wheel? We have the best selection and prices on hitches, and our team will be happy to help you pick one out.

Camping, fishing, pet lovers? The team at Sam T. Evans can help review all the the options to help you pick a good fit.

Business: Truck Accessories
3272 Wall Ave in Ogden
(801) 621-3815

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