Ogden’s Sustainability Committee

Make the Switch
Consider taking part in our Empower Program where you can trade 10 old bulbs for new LED ones!


Each quarter, we’ll highlight something extraordinary our city is doing to become more sustainable! These past few months, Ogden City replaced all of the overhead lights at Lindquist Field with high-efficiency, low-energy usage bulbs, which are Dark Sky certified! Next, we’ll be replacing the old bulbs with LED bulbs on the Ogden sign on Washington Boulevard. Consistent changes like these will help reduce city costs and Ogden’s carbon footprint.

LED bulbs can save residents money each month and help reduce our carbon footprint. Consider exchanging old bulbs for LEDs by buying new ones or taking part in Weber State’s «Empower» program, where Northern residents can trade up to 10 old bulbs for new LED ones!

Also, check out darksky.org to learn how you can reduce light pollution.

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