Sewer and Water Lateral Repair and Replacement Disclosure

As a customer served with drinking water and sanitary sewer services by Ogden City, you are responsible for repair and replacement of the water lateral and sewer lateral serving your property.


The sewer lateral is the pipe that connects your property’s sewage system to the city’s sewer main. Property owners are responsible to maintain the sewer lateral to the point where the lateral connects with the city sewer main (which is usually located beyond the property line in the street). Blockages in sewer laterals are a common occurrence which can be expensive and inconvenient to resolve.

To avoid a sewer blockage in your lateral:
• Avoid putting grease down your garbage disposal or drain.
• Never flush disposable diapers, sanitary napkins or paper towels down the toilet. Even if the product says it can be flushed, these items can clog your drain lines and cause damage to your plumbing system.
• If you have an older home, the lateral may have a jointed pipe system. The roots of large trees or shrubs near the line can invade, clog, and potentially break your lateral. Avoid planting trees near the lateral.
• If the city discovers that roots or other materials from your sewer lateral are creating a blockage in the city sewer main, you will be required to have your lateral cleaned to remove the blockage.


Your water lateral is the is the pipe that connects your property to the city’s water main line (which is usually in the road). The city maintains the water lateral from the water main to a point that is twelve inches behind the curb or five feet behind the street pavement if there is no curb. This point is frequently, but not always, where your water meter is located. You are responsible for the repair and replacement of the water lateral beyond that point as it leads to and enters your home or business.

Common types of water lateral issues are:
• Old lines that have corroded and started to leak.
• Fittings that leak or have gasket issues.
• Sprinkling systems connected to water laterals that are not winterized and freeze.

These types of leaks often cause a large loss of water which can be expensive. Fixing these issues can pay for themselves in water savings. If you suspect a leak but are unsure where to begin, contact the Ogden City Water Department at (801) 629-8321 and set up a high bill check. One of our crews will make an appointment to meet you at the property. They can assist you to start the process to identify if you have a leak.

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