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Most individuals have their taxes done at a tax specialty firm like H&R Block. However, Pinnacle Accountancy Group of Utah can help anyone with taxes and is less expensive than H&R Block, although their primary clients are businesses. When you own a business, things become much more complicated, and it often becomes necessary to access professional guidance; especially if, as a business owner, your goal is sustained growth. Tax planning is the analysis of a financial situation, or plan, from a tax perspective. The purpose of these plans is for a business to be as tax-efficient as possible.

Pinnacle Accountancy is a full-service CPA firm founded in Farmington in 2012; it expanded to Ogden in 2016. They help businesses with tax planning, tax preparation and consulting services, payroll, accounting, and full auditing services. It was founded by four partners: Kristofer Heaton, Cameron J. Pribble, Cory Hunter, and Natalie Murphy. Their CPAs are assisted by their professional tax staff, adding eight employees.

The firm’s goal is to educate clients on tax rules and to act as an advisor to business owners, in order to help them grow their business. They believe that their clients should have a basic understanding of tax rules, so educated financial decisions can be made. Providing an understanding of how the business is impacted is important knowledge for a business owner; it is imperative, in order to work toward their goals efficiently. Pinnacle does not expect business owners to understand all the details (that is the CPA’s job), but they believe the owner should be involved in the decision-making process, and in understanding the “why” behind their decisions.

Pinnacle CPAs are experts in tax law, and provide consulting services that help business owners realize the maximum contributions made to reduce tax burdens, as well as increase efficiency with tax expenses.

Pinnacle wants a business to be able to submit the best file possible when submitting their taxes, so their business can thrive. Pinnacle can also help a business understand when it might be appropriate to pay more in taxes, depending upon their future goals. Whatever the business owner’s overall goals are, Pinnacle wants to be able to help them be in the best position to meet those goals.

Another service the firm performs is financial auditing. Any company that is traded publicly is required by law to have an annual audit done on their books. Most CPA companies do not offer this service, but Pinnacle Accountancy Group is able to perform audits for any size company. They can also audit the books for a private company that may need occasional audits done as a requirement for business loans.

This has been a unique year, and while here have not been any changes to tax law or rules yet this year, there likely will be. As the federal government attempts to guide our economy through the ramifications of COVID-19’s shutdowns and other impacts, they will likely offer incentives to businesses to help them continue to operate and to save jobs. As those changes come about, the professionals at Pinnacle Accountancy Group will be ready to help their clients navigate these uncommon times. Pinnacle Accountancy Group has the staff and experience to handle even the largest of companies in the Ogden area, but they also love working with smaller businesses and individuals. Their goal is to help people strategically manage their tax and financial needs for maximum growth and success.

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