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Ogden is among a select few cities in the nation that have a Master Plan for Arts and Culture. This plan provides a framework and road map designed to move the arts forward as a key element in enhancing quality of life, promoting economic development, enhancing education, and celebrating our community. Ogden is one of the top arts communities in the entire state of Utah and is celebrated for its contributions to the lives of its residents.

Shane Osguthorpe says, “Art simultaneously reflects our diversity and builds our unity. The point of art isn’t to make everyone feel the same thing, but simply to feel something…and in a community as wildly eclectic and diverse as Ogden, art is absolutely essential.” This vision and the Master Plan are what guide the city’s efforts to promote art and cultural programs. The benefits of a strong arts and culture focus are manifold; however, one of the strongest indicators is that communities like ours, which place dedicated focus on developing a strong arts and culture community, thrive economically.

The Dumke Art Plaza is going to break ground February 26 at 12pm. This plaza is located on the southwest corner of 25th Street and Ogden Avenue, directly east of the Ben Lomond Hotel.
Attend virtually: facebook.com/ogdencityarts

In many cities across the country, where manufacturing jobs have dwindled, creative industry jobs have filled the void and become a massive economic contributor. Ogden is unique because we actually have a growing manufacturing sector and a thriving arts community, both of which are creating jobs and economic growth. What jobs come from the arts?

Here is a list of some of the most prominent jobs:

• Advertising
• Architecture
• App development
• Craft and artisan
• Creative sector research and development
• Culinary arts
• Education tech
• 3D printing
• Digital design
• Graphic design
• Industrial design
• Production design

• Planning design
• Fashion
• Film
• Museums
• Music
• Performing arts
• Photography
• Publishing
• Software
• Toys and games
• TV & radio
• Video games


It is not only the creative sector that will benefit. Richard Florida has released studies on how arts and culture benefit communities, and one of his biggest findings is that, in order for communities to thrive, they must attract and retain talented workers in all sectors. These selective people are somewhat picky with where they live. They prefer cities that have high levels of technology, talent, and tolerance. Ogden has a unique ability to be a leader in Utah for all three of those necessary attributes.

Support for the arts comes from you, the community members. We hope you will not only support arts and culture but consider how you can contribute. Art has a way of connecting us all, and it defines our culture. As one anonymous Ogdenite said, “A city without art or culture is a city without a heartbeat.”

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