LOGAN IVERSON: The Artist and Teacher

This Ben Lomond High School teacher has a deep well of knowledge and enthusiasm for teaching ceramics and sculpture. He loves creating functional artwork.


Logan Iverson’s dream job early on was to be an artist. He imagined he would create 2D art and draw or paint, but his heart was won over the first day he stepped into his 10th-grade ceramics class. He has since built his career around that passion.

Stephen Boehme was his teacher at Viewmont High school in Bountiful. Logan said working with the material is awesome, but being in a room with a talented individual that pushes your limits really makes a big impact. Mr. Boehme’s positive attitude made the students want to be there. Today, Logan is the ceramics teacher at Ben Lomond High school and also offers classes in his home studio to adults and children. “A lot of my teaching practices, demeanor, and classroom practices were inspired by my own experiences with him,” said Logan.

Logan received the sterling scholar scholarship for a full tuition education at the University of Utah. He attended there and graduated with his Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree with a cross emphasis between sculpture and ceramics. He learned many different techniques in ceramics classes. In his sculpture classes, he experienced working with wood, metal, bronze, mixed media, wire sculpture, and resin casting, which really grabbed his attention.

Throughout his time at the U, he worked at UPS and graduated debt-free. When he graduated, he intended to pursue resin casting to build a business in trophy making. At that same time, UPS offered him a more-than-full-time position in Ogden. He chose the UPS opportunity and studied to get his master’s degree from Weber State at the same time. He worked one class into his schedule each week for 6 years and again, graduated debt-free.

He started teaching in 2016 and opened his home studio in 2019.

To back up to his early years, Logan really took advantage of the opportunities that fed his passion. He worked at his high school as a custodian in the summers, which gave him access to the ceramics studio. The head custodian there was the same head custodian at his elementary school and Jr. High. “He almost followed my class through the school district.” He let Logan work in the ceramics studio at the school until late in the evening and the custodians would come get him when they were ready to shut the school down. “I would sculpt for roughly 12-14 hours per day. I was super spoiled.” By his senior year of high school, he only needed two more English classes, so he spent the rest of his time in ceramics classes.

He enrolled in the AP Drawing and Painting class and AP Ceramics class and passed the final exams with fives, the highest score you can receive. His sculpture he entered for the 3d life-size figure sculpture was on the poster for the AP National poster for the following school year.

Portrait work was another artistic avenue that gave him experience. When he was in grade school, his grandparents commissioned him to draw or paint portraits of family members, and he found more portrait work as time went on. It wasn’t his favorite type of work, but there was a market for it. He has since shifted from 2d portraiture to 3D portraiture. He was recently commissioned to make mugs for a family with each family member’s face sculpted into their personal mug! He LOVES this type of work. In the last few years, he has shifted to more functional sculpture like mugs or bowls. He sculpts faces, skulls, gargoyles, and practically any type of face on the outside of mugs. His mugs are more than just a vehicle from which to drink your coffee, and more than a sculpture that adds value when you look at it on your shelf. You can find his work at the Monarch Bazar and Farmer’s Markets during the summer.

Take a Class with Logan!
If you want to experience ceramics yourself, Logan offers adult and children classes in his studio.
Cost: Children (5th – 12th Grade) $100 for 5 weeks of class
Adult – $200 for 8 weeks of class
Facebook & Instagram: @iversonceramics
Call or text 801-510-6036

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