Message to Residents from Mayor Mike Caldwell

As we move into the Summer months and optimistically look forward to things slowly normalizing day by day, I Iook at where we are today as a community, and I’m so proud of the people of Ogden. It is truly an honor to represent this community.

This week, I presented a budget proposal to the Ogden City Council that reflects the overall financial health of our community and puts us on the same trajectory that we were on in 2020, prior to the global pandemic. None of us knew a year ago that we would come out of this with our local economy looking like we’ll make a very strong recovery; many other cities across the nation are not necessarily in the same position. With a strong performing economy coupled with all of the elevated quality of life attributes that are in reach, we all enjoy tremendous access to opportunity here.

Through the pandemic, Ogden continued to receive recognition and accolades, and these are a direct reflection of our residents and business owners that make up the fabric of this community. Here are just a few of those recognitions:

• #9 Best-Performing City in the Nation – Milken Institute
• 5 Cities Ready to Build with Remote Workers in Mind – Bloomberg
• Top 50 Best Cities for Starting a Business – Inc.
• Top 20 U.S. Cities for Manufacturers – Global Trade Magazine
• 12 Small Towns with Beautiful Architecture – Readers Digest

These accolades are, in part, due to a community of “makers” who all have a “can-do” mentality and the grit and determination to move forward and do what is right and good for our neighbors. Furthermore, through all of this, the greater Ogden area was listed as the number one city for job creation in the entire nation!

I’m very excited for the prospect of coming together again to celebrate with each other. This Summer, we’ll see events coming back online in Ogden. The Farmers Market kicks off in May, Pioneer Days Rodeo will be returning in July, and the Ogden Twilight Concert Series is already sold out and launches shows in August! Our community is looked at by many across the state as a hot spot for arts, culture, and events, and I’m very happy to see these events back in our community.

In parting, I have one last piece of great news that I want to share. The Ogden Airport has just launched round-trip air service from Ogden to Burbank, California through Avelo Airlines. This air service runs six days per week and is delivered on a beautiful and new 737 Boeing Aircraft. They boast everyday low fares, small airport convenience, and a smooth, caring experience. We hope you’ll consider flying Ogden when you’re considering Southern California as a destination.

Thank you all for your continued kindness and consideration. Ogdenites continue to amaze me with generosity and caring, and I’m proud to be a part of this great city.

All the best,
Mayor Mike Caldwell

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