Women in Business

By Hailey Minton • Photos by Adam Phillips

It has been fascinating hearing about the journeys of these businesswomen. Their stories have opened my eyes to the opportunities around us and to ways mothers can re-enter the workforce after dedicating years of unending energy to their homes and children. I’m amazed by how some of them listened to the challenges people faced and not only found solutions but implemented them. I’m inspired by the courage they had to move forward in spite of the challenges in front of them. The common themes I saw among these businesswomen were grit, hard work, determination, and a heart centered on serving others. They have grown their businesses with creativity, passion, and their own unique vision. I hope you enjoy reading about some of the phenomenal women from our neighborhoods.

Kassi Bybee

Kassi Bybee is involved in the Visit Ogden Board, Davis Women in Business Commission, Weber Chamber Women in Business, the Ogden Musical Theatre Board, and, starting in June, the Rotary Board. Today, she is the Ogden Eccles Conference Center & Peery’s Egyptian Theater General Manager. She began as an event manager in 2003 and was promoted to Director of Sales. Since then, she has left to pursue other opportunities, among them, positions with the McKay-Dee Hospital and the Girl Scouts Utah office. Since she became manager in 2016, the theatre has seen its strongest fiscal years. Beyond her professional success, Kassi loves being a part of the community. “You can’t come to Ogden without falling in love with Ogden,” she says.

Vy Trinh

Vy Trinh, pronounced “V,” was born and raised in Vietnam. While her father wanted her to stay in Vietnam, get married, and have kids, Vy had a different plan. She wanted to see the world and obtain an education. She attended Weber State University and fell in love with the area. In her final semester, she was hired by Meridian Restaurant Group as their marketing manager. In 2019, she decided she wanted to venture out on her own as an independent marketing consultant. She has helped small businesses in the medical spa industry, restaurants, retail, financial, and other small businesses. She has a keen eye for design and branding. “Work hard, and things will work out,” she said.

Kim Bowsher

Kim Bowsher is the Executive Director of the Ogden Downtown Alliance and owner of two local businesses: kbENT and Wildflower Outdoor. She loves fulfilling her desire to create things that help people feel connected to their community. She manages Wildflower Outdoor, a women’s cycling organization that caters to women of all skill levels and provides opportunities to learn and ride together. Her business, kbENT Marketing and PR, has traditional marketing clients but also works in community development with projects. “I dug into a lot of things that I wanted to exist and found similarly passionate people along the way – collaborations are what make it all happen.” Kim loves to connect people around ideas and thrives on working in teams.

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