Conserve Water This Season


Ogden City receives water from both surface and underground sources. Source levels are directly proportionate to precipitation and snowpack. This past winter provided below average snowpack. The result is that Ogden City will face a water shortage during 2021. In order to provide adequate resources for life-essential processes, city residents must implement water conservation practices. Ogden City residents are encouraged to reduce their water use by 5%.

The largest use of water among residential properties is landscape irrigation. It is possible to maintain an attractive landscape while using less water. The key is to provide irrigation water only when necessary and in the most efficient manner. An efficient irrigation system will provide uniform distribution with minimal overspray and drift onto non-irrigable surfaces. To help residents achieve an efficient irrigation system, Ogden City provides a free water audit program. The program consists of several field tests that address irrigation system deficiencies. The audit also provides a suggested irrigation schedule. Residents can call in or schedule an appointment online. 801-629-8329

Water conservation is a group effort. While individual actions may not seem to amount to significant savings, the compound effect can have a huge impact. In conservation, the following mantra holds water: “Every drop counts!”

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