CITY COUNCIL-The Budget Process


At the first council meeting of May each year, the council receives the mayor’s proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal year. Before the beginning of the fiscal year, on July 1, the council reviews the proposed budget in a series of work sessions, discussing it with administration and department heads. Based on those conversations, adjustments can be made to the final budget when it is adopted. While the review and adoption of the budget are the most public-facing elements of the budget process, there is much more work that goes on throughout the year to make sure the city’s needs are met. Months before the proposed budget is presented to the council, the mayor meets with department directors and city staff to identify financial priorities of the upcoming fiscal year. The result of these in-depth meetings and conversations is the proposed budget. Once adopted by the council, administration can propose adjustments to the council throughout the year, as financial circumstances and events cannot always be predicted when the budget is first developed.

Fiscal Year 2022 Budget
Even as the COVID-19 pandemic loosens its grip on our community, its effects continue to linger as we forge towards economic recovery. With much more optimism than a year ago, the council expects to better address the four strategic directives established in the Five-Year Strategic Plan. Economic development, community safety, recreation, and city image & appearance will continue to be the points of emphasis for the council as they review and adopt the budget. Mayor Mike Caldwell is expected to present the budget to the council in the meeting scheduled for May 4. The public hearing regarding the final budget is tentatively scheduled for the council meeting on June 22. A public hearing on the proposed budgets for the Redevelopment Agency and Municipal Building Authority are tentatively expected to take place on June 8.

Questions, Comments..

As always, the council welcomes questions on the budget or any topic at any time by email, ( or calling the council office at 801-629-8153. Correspondence received through these channels are forwarded directly to council members.

Email list: Throughout the budget process, the council will provide updates on their website at, social media, and email distribution list. To be added to the list, just send an email to

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