“It’s About More Than Just the Design.”

L-R: Breanne Jacobsen, Tandee Furgeson, Anna Tuckett Hunsaker

Breanne Jacobsen, Tandee Ferguson & Anna Hunsaker – ThinkBIG


Breanne Jacobsen has been with ThinkBig Sites since August of 2018. She originally applied for a content writing position, but as they reviewed her qualifications during the interview, they created a brand new position for her right on the spot. She has been vital to the company ever since. ThinkBig Sites is a fast-growing, flexible company, and creating the new position internally is a little like the work they do for their clients. They see a need and adjust what they need in order to to fulfill it.

ThinkBig Sites is a full-service digital marketing and website design firm. Breanne says, “We make your website modern, professional, and functional. It’s about more than just the design.” In order to get results, improve ranking, and drive traffic, they provide research-driven SEO and create your site with content relevant to your industry. They use studies on consumer habits to fill your new website with keywords that customers are already searching for. Breanne handles the administrative tasks, human resources, payroll, billing and accounting, and keeps the day-to-day operations going. It’s also her job to go out into the community and network with businesses, as well as oversee the Amazon accounts. “We’re trying to meet needs, to make it easier for businesses to navigate the digital world.”

A big part of ThinkBig Sites work is writing content. Their goal is to create content driven by research, which makes it much more effective than just guessing or writing what you think sounds good. They do everything in-house, from website design, web hosting, security and backup, SEO, content creation, online advertising, and social media marketing. ThinkBig Sites also promotes education. They teach their clients about the digital marketing world, and they love change and growth. “We are always happy to meet new challenges head-on. If a client needs something or asks for something that we don’t do, we’ll make every effort to learn about it and help them with it.” They thrive on being adaptable and acquiring new skills based on needs.

Anna Hunsaker has been with ThinkBig Sites for over three years. Her favorite thing about the company is working with a team that is collaborative and works well together. She’s never afraid to ask or offer help. “Everyone brings their own unique skill to create a cohesive team.” Anna handles organic and paid social media, focusing on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. They create content, schedule, and post for their clients; posting regularly creates consistency and trust with potential customers. This gives the impression that you’re there, ready to serve. ThinkBig Sites creates content to provide information to your customers, promote your products, answer frequently asked questions, and keep your brand on top of everyone’s mind. Anna designs logos and refreshes or creates websites that might need some change. She also designs all the marketing and sales materials for ThinkBig Sites. Her background is in graphic design, and it’s her job to make everything look very professional and to make sure the websites are easy to operate.

Digital Project Manager, Tandee Ferguson has worked with the company for over two years. She loves the flexibility of working remotely. “I enjoy being part of a great team in an amazing environment.” COVID-19 was a game-changer for the marketing world. During the last year, everyone has had to adjust their business practices. Traditional old-school businesses who never wanted to leap into the online world have been forced to. In today’s digital world, not having a website is a huge missed opportunity to really share your brand with potential customers.

Tandee enjoys working in eCommerce. Her job is to help clients set up their online stores and drive traffic. They work with lots of different kinds of businesses, everything from an international apparel firm, to a company selling gourmet European snacks, to a home-remodeling website. Many businesses have thrived, even during the unique events that have unfolded during the last year. Once the remodeling website was up and running, they’ve got leads like crazy. What Tandee loves most is having the opportunity to understand the vision of the business owner and really bringing that to life for them. “What I really love about my job is problem-solving and finding out what companies need in order to really have long-term success online. I love being able to help businesses create and implement their vision.” Tandee focuses on their competitive advantage. They put everything together into a beautiful, functional new website, and they handle everything, all the way through the site launch. The goal is to optimize the new website for long-term success.

The best kinds of businesses to work with ThinkBig Sites are companies with products or services ready to sell, who need help navigating the online world and marketing and selling their products. During the setup process, a business will need to hone in on who its target audience is. Make sure that your message is a good match for your audience and be sure you know your goals. ThinkBig Sites is a great company to help you with this. “In the digital marketing world, it’s very important to keep up with the trends. You have only a few seconds to capture a potential customer’s attention and convince them they want to know more.”

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