So Much More Than a Retail Space

Amberlynn Rasmussen & Melanie Duncombe – Vibez

Melanie Duncombe


Amberlynn Rasmussen and Melanie Duncombe are co-owners of one of the most fascinating shops in Ogden.

Vibez is a new-age, metaphysical, spiritual retail shop and healing center. Open for almost five years, the shop is located just north of the Newgate Mall. The retail space is beautiful, with every corner full of interesting finds. If you’re shopping for gifts, this is a wonderful place to find something unique and intentional.

The store is full of spiritual tools and supplies, whether it’s for smudging and clearing space or meditation and balancing chakras; Vibez has everything you need. They carry a wide variety of crystals, incense, candles, herbs, jewelry, tarot cards, body care products, books, and more.

Amberlynn opened the shop with another co-owner before Melanie joined her, bringing Sun Spirit Gems, her line of amazing jewelry. If you are looking for a unique gift or a stone with spiritual significance, they have many beautiful pieces on display in the shop. Amberlynn and Melanie love working together and co-creating a constantly expanding range of services for their clients and customers.

Vibez may carry an assortment of crystals, stones, herbs, and custom jewelry, but this business is so much more than retail space. The shop strives to be a center for emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual healing. “This is a judgment-free zone, and all of the practitioners that share space with us have been on their own journey. We combine their experience with ours and use what we have learned to help others.” Vibez offers a variety of healing modalities and therapeutic bodywork, such as massage therapy, reflexology, reiki, chakra clearing and balancing, crystal healing, Ayurveda consultations, ionic foot soaks, and more. “We genuinely desire to help people with their Healing Journey, or rather, with the Human Journey.” You can call to schedule or check their website.

They have a spacious classroom where different instructors teach everything from meditations and spirituality to self-help and jewelry making. If you’d like to look at a complete list of classes, check out their website; they have a great selection! Vibez is a great addition to the unique culture of Ogden. If you have not visited yet, make time to drop by!

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