She Is a Cornerstone of the Ogden Community

“It’s my job to take care of people.”

Christine Jacobson-Ware – Wasatch Pharmacy Care


Anyone who knows Christine Jacobson-Ware can tell you what a warm and caring person she is, and that she is a cornerstone of the Ogden community.

She has spent her life serving others and trying to improve their health. Christine was the recipient of the Athena Award in 2015 and won Small Business of the Year in 2018. She gives back to the community constantly, volunteers, promotes local businesses, serves on non-profit boards, and supports the local culture of art and literature. She’s been a pharmacist for over thirty-six years and a practitioner of Functional Medicine since 2009.

Christine decided to pursue additional training because she felt that simply providing medications was not enough. She wanted to truly heal people. Her work is all about discovering the root causes of health problems. Treatment is about understanding the chemistry of each individual person. While her pharmacy provides all the ordinary medications and works with all the insurance companies, it does so much more. Wasatch Pharmacy Care can compound custom medicines. If you need a medication and have allergies, or issues with swallowing or absorbing pills, a custom prescription can help. They can create custom topical medications, oral suspensions, even lollipops or lip balms.

Christine spends much of her time meeting with patients, listening to them, and gathering the information needed to really help them. She looks at the body as a whole, not just each part individually, and her aim is to support the health of the whole person. “I’d like to heal the entire world,” Christine says, “It’s my job to take care of people.”

Functional medicine focuses on discovering the root causes of our ailments. While Christine treats the whole body, endocrinology and neurology are two areas that she works with most. So many of us need help to balance our hormones, or we suffer from depression, anxiety, insomnia, severe allergies, digestive issues, autoimmune diseases, and adrenal or thyroid issues. Many people want to prevent or improve conditions such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s, or cardiovascular problems. This method of treatment can relieve symptoms, and ideally, remove the causes of our illnesses.

Christine is unfailingly dedicated to her work. “Be whole, be healthy, and love life! I want to be there to help take care of people. That’s what this pharmacy is about. I want to heal them and help them use less medication.” Christine is constantly busy helping people, and her schedule fills up far in advance. She works each day to help as many people as she can. If you find yourself in need of customized pharmacy care, Christine and her team will be happy to help you.

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