Strategic Leader, Staunch Defender of Equality, and Lifelong Supporter of Opportunity and Fairness

“I am proud to say that we were able to maintain our core services over the past year.”

Margaret Rose – YCC Family Crisis Center


Margaret Rose is a strategic leader, a staunch defender of equality, and a lifelong supporter of opportunity and fairness.

These values are evident throughout Margaret’s career and are reflected in her work with diverse populations in places such as the Navajo Nation, Tanzania, Micronesia, Nepal, Saipan, and Utah, where she is currently the Executive Director of YCC Family Crisis Center.

YCC has been located in the heart of Ogden for over 75 years and provides support and resources to those experiencing domestic violence or sexual assault. Aside from shelter services, other resources the YCC provides include housing assistance, a robust education, outreach program, programs to develop healthy relationships for local teens and young adults, an outstanding child care center, and a thrift store open to the public.

Margaret joined YCC in April of 2019, and one of her first priorities was to ensure that every employee earned a livable wage. Finding the money for this was no small task, but she made it happen and had unanimous board approval before the next fiscal year began. To take her efforts a step further, she then worked with a human resources consultant and the YCC HR manager to complete a fair wage compensation study for staff. ”Those who have worked in the nonprofit sector know this isn’t typically the case, which leads to high turnover and burnout,” said Rose. “Fair compensation, mental health support, and a focus on overall wellness are vital for those providing such crucial services in our community.”

As the world shut down due to COVID-19 in March 2020, domestic violence shelters across the country experienced a significant increase in clients who needed their services, and YCC was no different. “I am proud to say that we were able to maintain our core services over the past year. We have an outstanding staff who revised our approaches to critical client services and worked hard to keep everyone safe and healthy. We knew it was essential for us to remain accessible for those experiencing violence,” said Rose.

Amid the economic shutdown, YCC took a leap of faith and added a new department. Being the strategic leader that Margaret is, she saw the need for a development department at YCC to diversify funding sources and expand the marketing and community outreach. Margaret and the board’s choice to move forward with this department shows their investment in the future of YCC.

As an executive in Northern Utah, Margaret Rose works collaboratively with local leaders, law enforcement, and legislative representatives to be a fierce advocate for the community. YCC is proud to have her championing their mission and utilizing her strengths to provide empowerment-based advocacy to survivors as they work their way toward a self-sufficient life free from violence.

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