Owner, Dave Wonderly, says they draw rock, mineral, and crystal enthusiasts from all around.


This unique business has a huge inventory for customers to browse.

Now celebrating their 37th Birthday, Bryson’s Rock Shop is one of the most unique businesses in the Ogden area. They draw rock, mineral, and crystal enthusiasts from all around. If you’ve never looked through their store before, you’ll find that their inventory is legendary. You could spend hours or days trying to look at everything. There is always something new to discover.

I asked owner, Dave Wonderly, what’s new in the world of rocks. “Moldavite is the most sought-after crystal right now. It’s been hard to keep it in stock. I have more on order right now.” Everyone’s talking about the green meteorite mineral that fell from the sky. Many people have opinions about the stone’s properties, and some people have even called its effects life changing. It is one of the most popular and sought-after minerals ever.

Bryson’s has been undergoing lots of new and exciting changes. They have been working to completely remodel the shop’s interior and redo all the displays. Now, you can see even more of their inventory! If you haven’t been in for a while, stop by and see their changes. (Having more items on display will not help you make up your mind.) Now you have even more choices!

The shop is also getting in some new tools, grinders, polishers, and saws for those who want to shape and polish their own stones. “We want to offer more tools for those who are interested in shaping their own minerals.”

We asked owner Dave what’s new in the world of rocks?
“Modavite is the most sought-after crystal right now. It’s hard keeping it in stock.”

Another expanded area is their children’s library section. They have a great selection of books and posters. If you are raising kids or grandkids who love fossils, rocks, and geology, you should check it out!

The Mystery Boxes from Bryson’s have also been a big hit. Everyone enjoys a surprise. I asked Dave to tell me what’s in them, but it’s…you know… a surprise. Just know you’ll get a cool mixture of rocks, crystals, and fossils.

They’ve recently begun offering succulents potted in mineral bases. I loved the way the growing plants look against the rock. You’ll want to check them out.

The inventory includes several stunning new pieces of aquamarine. They are spectacular! “These are museum pieces,” Dave said.

Plans are also in the works to open a window into the secret room, where some of the larger and rarer pieces are stored. If you are a collector and looking for something truly unique, you can make an appointment to see them.

Dave enjoys what he does, and appreciates his staff. “I love my team. They are the best! Everyone here does such a great job. They each have unique strengths and abilities, but they are all skilled and knowledgeable and love helping our customers. I feel like we’re a family here.”

Rock store
326 Washington Blvd, Ogden
(801) 399-2838

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