For and part of the community, Wasatch Peaks loves giving back.

You might recognize Wasatch Peaks Credit Union from their float, which debuts every parade season at the local Cherry Days, Plain City Days, and Pleasant View Founders’ Day Parades. Maybe you’ve met their Money Moose Mascot during a summer festival. If you’ve ever gone to a high school football game and caught a t-shirt in the crowd, that’s also thanks to Wasatch Peaks’ t-shirt cannon. During the holiday season, you’ve probably seen their house at Christmas Village.

Here are some things you might not know. When you open an account with them, you’ll become a member, not a client. You’re considered part owner at Wasatch Peaks, and that’s why they call you a member. There aren’t any stockholders, like with traditional banks, just a volunteer board of directors. Every one of the 120 employees at the seven Wasatch Peaks branches is local to the northern Utah area. There is no far away corporate headquarters on the east coast because they’re headquartered right here in Ogden. This means you, as a member, always deal with the people who are actually making the decisions. You won’t ever have to deal with a complicated bureaucracy.

As a member, you’re treated like part of the team. You’re invited to member appreciation parties and annual credit union meetings. Over 1,200 members attend these annual gatherings. The credit union rents out entire local parks, theaters, centers, etc. for these celebrations.

“We feel like we ought to give back to people for coming in,” CEO Jeff Shaw said. “In the summer, we like to have fun.”

Wasatch Peaks Credit Union isn’t just about fun, they’re also about community. They don’t just send a float to parades, they sponsor those parades. They don’t just shoot t-shirts into a crowd of high school students, they sponsor the Weber School Foundation and the Ogden School Foundation. That includes assisting with school fundraisers. Another charitable program of theirs is called “Warm the Soles.” Every year, they raise donations from their members to buy shoes for local elementary school children in need. Last year, they were able to donate almost 2,000 pairs of shoes.

Every service that other financial institutions provide, Wasatch Peaks also provides. From business loans, mortgages, car loans, checking accounts, and credit cards, they can do it all. But their influence in the community is what sets them apart from other banks and credit unions.

“All credit unions are typically more community-oriented,” Jeff said. “It’s a natural outflow of what we do.”

When next you need a hand, consider Wasatch Peaks. You can trust a financial institution that is embedded in the community like they are. They’re trying to be a partner to the community so that they can partner with you.

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Locations in: Pleasant View, Plain City, Ogden, West Haven & Roy

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