Don Rimx Art Murals on the Grant Avenue


Have you been downtown lately and noticed the beautiful new art murals on the Grant Avenue Promenade? If not, you should check it out sometime when you’re out on the town!

Ogden’s emerging art scene was just made more vibrant and exciting this June, when it received this mind-blowing, large-scale art installation created by nationally recognized muralist, Don Rimx.

David “Don Rimx” Sepulveda was selected from a national field of artists who were vying for the unique opportunity to install a large-scale mural on the expansive walls of the parking structures that line the Grant Avenue Promenade.

In the fall of 2020, Ogden City Arts set out on the national search for an artist to beautify the five 30’x50’ walls with a focus on art that is timeless and forward-thinking. Local, state, and national artists were invited to apply, and more than 150 submissions were received. All submissions were reviewed and graded by the Ogden City Arts Advisory Committee, and a recommendation was moved forward for Mayor Caldwell to issue final approval. The project is funded by the Ogden Public Art fund and has a budget of $175,000.

Don is a nationally celebrated muralist who is a classically trained artist and accomplished corporate graffitist. He has completed many notable installations from California to New York and has been the focus of national media on several occasions. His unique artistry style is said to “bridge the gap between the streets and corporate America.”

Don spent dozens of hours immersing himself in Ogden culture, meeting various groups with diverse outlooks on what it means to be an “Ogdenite,” while exploring ideas for what is sure to be recognized as one of Ogden’s most iconic public art pieces.

Grab a date and head downtown to check out this and many other great art pieces in Ogden!

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