Tell Your Story: Esteem Academy of Beauty


Darci Brown learned early in her beauty career that she not only had a gift with styling hair but also a love for serving others! As she grew her beauty business, she became more aware of the positive effect she could have on her own life as well as the lives of those she served in the salon through raising her vibration by living from her true self and helping others do the same. “When you have someone in front of a mirror, it’s a great opportunity to help them feel self love,” she says. She believes that this experience can improve self-esteem and change lives.

Darci later found herself traveling and teaching at beauty schools all around the country. At this time, she became aware of local Cosmetology graduates who had no plans to continue in the hair business because of a lack of confidence or the skill level to work in the industry. She wanted to help aspiring students have that confidence that launches them into a career in beauty. So, Esteem Academy of Beauty was born. Now, Darci is still doing what she loves: working with people in her own studio, as well as directing the operations in the Academy. The academy functions on the idea that beauty education starts with the student discovering their own “True Beauty”. Darci and her amazing staff get to focus on loving and teaching students with as much one-on-one attention as possible.

She has hired an excellent team that is like-minded to her holistic approach. Students are taught amazing technical skills as well as self-awareness, self-reflection, goals and visions, meditation, and mindfulness. Darci has found healing and success in mastering these skills, and she leaves an indelible mark on her students who receive the same benefits. The result is the majority of her students go on to work in salons and make a difference in their community.

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