Transitions can be fun when you add art, not doughnuts!

Public art, film screening, and performances are just things that will happen in this new public art space!


As we all know, surprise transitions in life will take place whether we like them or not. Often, change or transitions are an uncomfortable experience, like learning a new process at work, moving to a new state, or making new friends.

In my experience, the delicious doughnuts and cookies I eat make the unfortunate transition into additional inches around my middle. (I have secretly been hoping for the invention of the everlasting doughnut chew.) Whatever way you experience these pesky life events, they always seem to be around the corner for us, but they are not always bad.

The newest transition in downtown Ogden happens to be occurring on the southwest corner of 25th Street and Ogden Avenue. This former location of the Courtyard Inn has been undertaking a grand metamorphosis. Changing from a dilapidated building to a shining “beacon” in the Nine Rails Creative District, the new plaza will function as a public space for art-based events, performances, film screenings, public art, and more. It will be a great place to view world-class art installations or enjoy lunch with a friend.

This new space is aptly named the Dumke Arts Plaza to honor the generous contributions from the Dr. Ezekiel R. and Edna Wattis Dumke Foundation. Their donation allowed the arts plaza to transition from a dream to reality for Ogden. Weber County RAMP, Ogden Contemporary Arts, and Weber State University have also made contributions to this grand project.

The Dumke Arts Plaza will be completed this fall, with a grand opening celebration scheduled for the evening of November 5th, 2021 (barring any construction delays).

Meet me there during First Friday Art Stroll as we explore this new civic treasure.

Who knows? There may even be doughnuts or cookies to help me continue my transition into a perfectly round person, just like Violet Beauregarde.

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