Letter From Ogden School District Superintendent

Luke Rasmussen,
Ogden School District

Dear Ogden Community,

I am honored to represent our amazing community, staff, and students as the Superintendent of Ogden School District. The 2020-2021 school year was a year like no other in the history of education. Our Ogden community was able to rise to the challenge and make the best of the last school year under extremely difficult circumstances. Although some aspects of the school year were very challenging, we learned a lot together and have grown from the experience. I am excited to welcome our students back to our schools for the 2021-2022 school year. Our district staff will continue to work hard to make it the best experience possible for our students and families.

In Ogden School District, we have the exciting opportunity for our diverse students, community, and staff to engage in the educational process together. Our wonderful students come from so many different backgrounds. One of the things I have always been proud of in Ogden is that our school personnel strive to meet each student where they are along the learning continuum. As we get ready to return to school, it is exciting to see the plans that schools have put in place to help all of our students be successful and to feel that success.

Some of the areas of focus in our schools this year will be literacy support, increased opportunities for students to explore career pathways, increased partnerships with our community, and social and emotional support for our students and staff.

As educators, we are here for you and your students and welcome you with open arms. Please know that we want our amazing families to feel welcome in our schools, and we encourage you to be involved in our schools and take advantage of the resources schools offer for both our families and our students. Partnering with our families and strengthening our relationships through community partners and family engagement will be essential if we hope to achieve the greatest success for our students.

I encourage students to find opportunities to be engaged in extracurricular activities and programs at our schools. We know that the more our students are engaged and connected to schools, the more successful those students will be. As families and students start receiving information about back-to-school nights and opportunities to engage in the many programs available, please do not hesitate to inquire at your schools about how to take advantage of all that our schools have to offer.

In closing, I would like to thank our great community and all of our stakeholders for the privilege to serve you as the Superintendent of Ogden School District. The future is bright. Our students matter. To me, educating our youth has always been the noblest of professions. I can’t wait to see our students return to school on August 20th.

Luke Rasmussen
Superintendent, Ogden School District

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