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Ogden recognized with Blue Sky Legacy Award
In October, Rocky Mountain Power recognized Ogden City with the Blue Sky Legacy Community Award for its efforts to take the initiative for sustainability measure.

“We’re honored to have received this award,” Council Member Angela Choberka said. “We recognize the importance of transitioning to renewable energy, and while there’s still a long way for us to go, we’re grateful for the recognition of our efforts thus far.”

Through the Blue Sky program, Ogden has supported over 146,000 megawatt hours of renewable energy and continues to look for opportunities to be more energy efficient. Seventeen percent of Ogden residents are participating in renewable energy development, either through Blue Sky or their own on-site solar generation.

Catholic Community Services, the Ogden Rescue Mission, and the Ogden Nature Center have received grants through Blue Sky which will help generate over 2,000 megawatt hours each year. We thank Rocky Mountain Power for the Blue Sky Legacy Award.

“We’re proud of the forward-thinking leaders in our community,” Choberka added. “This is an undertaking where every bit of participation and consideration by residents and local organizations make a difference.”

In December of 2019, the Ogden City Council adopted a resolution to achieve a community goal of sourcing net-100% of electricity from renewable sources by 2030. City officials continue to evaluate the best method to reach this goal, including the consideration of continuing in the Community Renewable Energy Program.

Ogden City is required by state law to adopt new district maps every 10 years, after each census is performed, regardless of whether there are changes in population or not. Before the city can start drawing new voting boundaries, the county must provide preliminary data from the state. Weber County analyzes this data and creates voting precincts. Voting precincts are the foundation for building voting districts. The county will create 28 voting precincts in Ogden City, and then the city will use these precincts to decide boundaries for city council districts.

“This is a rare opportunity to reevaluate the municipal districts within Ogden City, and we aren’t taking it lightly,” Council Chair Bart Blair said. “We’re looking at different options and the history of the districts to ensure that they are equitable for Ogden residents.”

The COVID-19 pandemic delayed last year’s census. As a result, the Census Bureau was unable to transmit its data in a timely manner. Weber County is expected to transmit its data to the council sometime in November. After a work session discussion on December 14th, the council will then approve the boundaries in the meeting on December 21st. While the council will be unable to change the voting precincts determined by the county, it may adjust the Ogden City Municipal District boundaries.

Opportunities to provide public input on this issue will be available in the meeting on December 21st.

The council office has been proactive with redistricting by working closely with county officials to have a clear understanding of the process to avoid any issues with the tight timeline. The council also had an in-depth discussion on redistricting in its strategy session on September 21st.

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