Fire Safety This Holiday Season


Home heating fires are one of the leading causes of home fires throughout the United States. Home heating sources include space heaters, fireplaces, wood stoves, and furnaces. Home heating fires peak in January and usually occur in the early evening hours between 5 and 9 p.m. Confined fires, such as fires confined to chimneys, flues, or fuel burners, account for 75% of home heating fires. Most nonconfined fires happen because the heat source (like a space heater or portable fireplace) is too close to things that can burn.

Did you know nearly half of holiday decoration fires happen because decorations are too close to a heat source? As you deck the halls this season, be fire smart.

Follow these heating tips to help prevent winter fires and to stay safe this winter season:
• Keep anything that can burn at least three feet from all heat sources, including fireplaces, wood stoves, radiators, space heaters, or candles.
• Never use an oven to heat your home.
• Turn space heaters off when leaving the room or going to bed.
• Maintain heating equipment and chimneys by having them cleaned and inspected each year by a professional.
• Inspect holiday lights each year before you put them up and throw away strands that have frayed or pinched wires.
• A dry tree is dangerous because it can catch on fire easily; water it daily.
• Keep candles away from natural and artificial Christmas trees and decorations.

Ensure your family’s safety and keep in mind all fire hazards this holiday season.

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