Students of the Month

Congratulations to our hardworking student’s that are recognized by teachers and faculty at their schools.

Madeline Hughes
Ben Lomond High School

Madeline, who goes by Maddy, is a senior at Ben Lomond High. Maddy has big plans to attend Weber State University or Utah State and obtaining a degree in Social Studies Composites and perhaps minoring in English. With these degrees, she would like to teach history in a junior high or high school setting.

Maddy loves hanging out with family and friends, but most of the time, you can find her at the school; she is involved in many extracurricular activities, like Hope Squad, yearbook, spirit squad, choir, AP and concurrent enrollment classes. She also likes to help student government with various things. Maddy has found that staying active outside of classes is a good way to make friends and have fun while in school.

Her favorite color is pink, and favorite treat is chocolate. Way to go, Maddy, on all of your accomplishments! Keep doing good things.

Trenton Harris
Ben Lomond High School

Trenton is a senior and the last of three children in his family to graduate from Ben Lomond High School. He knows that he will miss a lot about being a student at Ben Lomond but is excited about what the future holds. His favorite subject in school is Sport Psychology, which makes sense because of his love for sports. His favorite sports to play are golf, basketball, and baseball. After he graduates, Trenton hopes to go to college, where he can work on his associate’s degree until he knows what career he wants to pursue; he also hopes to play some college golf. We hope for the best for you, Trenton. Keep working hard and having fun!

“Never stop learning, because
life never stops teaching.”
-Lin Pernille

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