Council Member Q&A

Newest member, Ken Richie, is a lifetime resident of Ogden

“I love the sense of Ogden pride that is developing over the years and expect to see great things as we continue to work together.”


What does it mean to you to represent Ogden residents on the council?

As a lifetime resident of Ogden, it is truly an honor to represent my fellow citizens on the council. I enjoy being involved in the community and have done so in many ways over the years. Working in this new capacity is exciting, and I know that I have a lot of learning to do. I love the sense of Ogden pride that is developing over the years and expect to see great things as we continue to work together.

What’s your favorite thing about Ogden?

There are many things about Ogden I love. We live in a beautiful area with access to parks, trails, rivers, and all kinds of outdoor recreation. We have a wonderfully diverse population with so many good people who are generous, passionate, and willing to work for the betterment of Ogden. The business community is welcoming, with a diverse economic base represented by various kinds of business. As a graduate of Weber State University and lifelong fan of the Wildcats, we enjoy top tier sports programs right in our own backyard. We routinely see championship-caliber teams in all sports. #GoWildcats

What do you like to do with your free time?

Family is number one on my priority list, and I have enjoyed supporting each of my children in their interests. As a family, we try to get out on some kind of adventure as often as we can; backpacking, climbing, hiking together, or canoe trips to Causey are some of our favorites. In addition, we always enjoy supporting Weber State Athletics and the Ogden Raptors.

What do you hope to accomplish in your time on the council?

First and foremost is getting to know the other council members and learning how we can work together as a body to effectively address challenges and concerns of the community. Over the next four years, I know I have a lot to learn, and I have appreciated several of the current council members’ efforts to reach out and help me get up to speed. My goal is to look for ways to build on common ground and help make decisions that will be good for all of Ogden.

What do you think are the biggest strengths and challenges for Ogden?

We have many strengths with our exceptional history, people, and community partners. At the top of the mind for many are the challenges with responsible growth and development, housing, protecting water resources (especially in light of current drought conditions), and the future of the Marshall White Center. We have challenges related to public safety with a shortage in labor supply for officers, which is putting a strain on our excellent police department. The pandemic has changed many things about the way we interact, and we will continue to encounter new challenges as we adapt to a new way of doing things.

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