Project “Don’t Let It Idle”

Preventing auto thefts AND improving air quality


The Ogden Police Department will be out again this year working with the community to help prevent auto thefts. Each winter season, an increase in the number of reported vehicle thefts come to our attention as the cold weather begins. This rise in vehicle thefts is often due to opportunistic criminals taking advantage of vehicles left running and unattended in driveways and vehicles to warm them up.

Project “Don’t Let It Idle” has been created over the last few years to help with this crime, which can, at times, be preventable. The goal of project “Don’t Let it Idle” is to prevent the victimization of the members of our community who may not be aware of this nefarious activity. To achieve this goal, officers will be conducting extra morning patrols for vehicles left running unattended and/or possible suspicious persons in the area. Throughout the previous few years, we have made this one of our priorities during the cold weather months, resulting in lowering the numbers of vehicles being stolen. We ask our community to be mindful of the Utah State Code 41-6a-1403 and Ogden City Ordinance 10-7-5.

Another positive side effect of project “Don’t Let It Idle” is better air quality throughout our community. Inversion is an environmental factor that often affects the Wasatch Front. According to Utah Department of Environmental Quality, inversion represents a layer of the atmosphere in which temperature gets warmer the higher you go. During the winter in Utah, snow-covered valley floors reflect rather than absorb heat. This reflection prevents the normal mixing of warm and cold air. The pocket of warm air above traps the colder air below. When the colder air can’t rise, pollution accumulates near the ground, leading to higher pollution concentration. Emissions from vehicles are one of the primary causes of poor air quality due to inversion during winter months.

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