WSU Badge Up Program

If you’re unable to land that job or go for that promotion because you’re missing a couple of vital skills, Weber State University’s Badge Up program is here to save the day. The low-cost, online, noncredit program is dedicated to providing quick skills through badges such as Communication in the Workplace, Document Creation, Workplace Writing, SQL Beginner, and Reacquainting Yourself With Work. In addition to upskilling, you can use an e-portfolio to show employers the completed work behind the badges.

This new program is meant for anyone who does not yet have a degree or those who have a degree and need to gain additional skills.

Scan the QR code to get started.

“Badge Up is meant to help you quickly upskill or retool your talents, abilities, or technical skills,” said Beth Rhoades, WSU’s Director of Non credit Programs and Professional Learning. “Each badge is meant to be short enough that you can implement knowledge immediately and demonstrate what you learned.”

Learn and prove you know your stuff.

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