A message from Ogden City Fire Department


Being a public servant is a great privilege, working for the residents of Ogden is a bonus. Our community is one of the most caring and generous in the nation, and our fire department also upholds our community standard. Being a member of “O-town” is something we should all be proud of.

Every year, your fire department responds to over 20,000 calls for service; calls such as structure fires, vehicle accidents, river rescues, and medical emergency calls happen on a consistent basis. Many of these calls require specific training and equipment to resolve. On many occasions, our community can help, and in some cases, save somebody’s life with just a little training and willingness to help.

Imagine walking down the street on a warm summer day when you witness your neighbor fall to the ground while mowing their lawn. What can you do? You call 911, but seconds may feel like hours, and you feel helpless. Did you know that when someone goes into a cardiac arrest, their heart stops beating, and every minute CPR is not done the chance of survival decreases by 10 percent? Did you know that more than any medication, quality CPR and early defibrillation saves lives?

I personally had an experience while on vacation in Bear Lake with my family. During our stay, we heard commotion from the people in the neighboring home. They were screaming for help, and as we entered their home, we saw that, during dinner, Grandma had fallen to the ground in cardiac arrest. Having none of my equipment, the only thing we could do was early and effective CPR. Being in the mountains, it took some time for EMTs to arrive, but due to the early CPR, grandma was saved. A week later, she was back at home with her family. We all have people we care about who could be saved by a total stranger, and that stranger who could make an impact could be you!

The Ogden City Fire Department understands the importance of early and effective CPR from you, our community. We ask that you find time in your busy schedule and take a day to learn and even get certified in CPR. Ogden Fire encourages businesses and individuals to reach out for training opportunities to help us save one life at a time.

You can inquire about CPR by visiting our website at www.ogdencity.com/326/CPR or by calling us at 801-629-8074.

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