They Will Help You, Support You, and Fight for Your Business Growth


What is the one thing new companies need help with? Marketing!

Steve Reich has many friends throughout Weber and Davis counties. He worked as Vice President of Marketing for Associated Food Stores for 21 years. He left that position to create R Marketing Department in 2011. He has been so successful in his work, he is asked to speak all over the US on the topic of marketing and sales. That led him to meet the original author of Guerrilla Marketing, and eventually become a co-author of one of the books in the best-selling series. Steve has been nominated for several awards for helping small businesses through COVID-19, and for being a mentor in the community. “I’m excited to work with more businesses in the Ogden area,” Steve says. “We love to get to know local business owners. Our community grows as we help each other. Today, it’s all about word-of-mouth. That is what is believed and trusted. Every business should have a word-of-mouth plan.”

You can hire him to do your marketing, but Steve also loves to teach entrepreneurs how to promote on their own. He provides many different kinds of classes and training related to marketing. He and his team have a vast pool of knowledge and creativity. They work and teach from a place of fun, creativity, and dramatic growth. Their goal is to help create communications that will really resonate with your audience.

One of their services, R Team Huddle, is a mastermind and accountability group that meets weekly to talk about marketing and sales. They work on specific topics and discuss how to apply them to each specific business. Steve’s files contain five years’ worth of weekly topics.

The point of Steve’s pieces of training is to teach people to really connect with their audience in a meaningful way. He can help teach you to present information in a way that causes people to take action. He loves to share products and services in fun creative ways. “It’s Steve’s passion to watch businesses grow and to help them succeed,” says Sarah Brock, one of the R Marketing Team members. They also love to share marketing advice on their Facebook page, so if you follow them, you can receive daily tips.

The R Marketing Team focuses on using proven strategies to create growth. They will help you, support you, and fight for your business growth. Their team is created of entrepreneurs who have already proven themselves in the marketplace. Here are some key areas they can help with: positioning and market strength finding, audience profiling and targeting, word-of-mouth or influencer-focused marketing options, social media, event planning, marketing funding and grants, direct mail, email, shared mail, calendaring, and implementation. Get in touch with Steve today!

1266 Legend Hills Dr. Suite B3 in Clearfield | 801-784-7600

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