Have you completed the CREP survey?

(The Community Renewable Energy Program)


Did you receive a postcard like this in the mail or did you receive an email similar to the postcard? Don’t throw it away! This is your way to have your voice heard about whether Ogden should continue to participate in the Community Renewable Energy Program (CREP).

What is CREP?
CREP can provide Ogden residents and businesses with more renewable energy options with the goal of making the city net-renewable by 2030. Net-renewable energy will provide the community with the same amount of reliable energy but from renewable energy sources.

To support the program, an increase in utility rates may be necessary.

Later this year, the city of Ogden will decide whether it should continue participation in the CREP. If Ogden continues and ultimately adopts an ordinance implementing the program citywide, businesses and residents will be able to decide whether they want to participate or opt out.

Why should I complete the survey?
Ogden City officials are strongly encouraging participation in this survey conducted by their partners at Weber State University. To ensure the accuracy and reliability of the results, each postcard and email will be individualized to prevent duplicate completed surveys. The results will be crucial in helping Ogden City and other stakeholders gain a thorough understanding of how residents feel about Ogden City potentially continuing in the CREP.

“To get the reliable data we need, there has to be a substantial number of responses,” Council Chair Ben Nadolski said. “We’re grateful to the people at Weber State and the hard work they’ve done to develop this survey. Now we need an accurate representation of how Ogden residents feel about the potential cost of CREP so that we can make the best decision possible for the community.”

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