Poison Prevention


National Poison Prevention Week is March 20-26, 2022.

Please take the time to inspect your home for any medicines or household products, such as detergents, cleaning products, pesticides, and fertilizers that may not be stored properly and correct the situation immediately. Always store medicines and household products up high, away and out of sight from children. Have any poison-related questions answered by calling 1-800-222-1222.

● In the United States, on average, a poison control center receives a new encounter involving a human exposure about every 15 seconds.1
● In 2019, U.S. poison control centers received over 2.1 million poison exposure encounters, over 350,000 information encounters, and over 68,000 animal exposure encounters.1
● The death rate nationwide due to unintentional poisonings is 12.3 deaths per 100,000 population.2
● Although children under the age of 6 were involved in 43% of poisoning exposures in 2019, they comprised less than 1% of poisoning deaths. Most (62%) of deaths occurred among 20-59 year olds.1
● Cosmetics and personal care products were the most frequently involved substances in pediatric (5 years and younger) poisoning exposures in 2019.1
● Pain relievers were the most frequently involved substances in poisoning exposures overall in 2019.1

There is one poison center in Utah, and it’s at 30 South and 2000 East on the University of Utah Campus. From children to grandparents, the poison center helps people of all ages! Be prepared for a poison emergency by saving Poison Control in your phone 1-800-222-1222.

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  2. CDC FactStats: Accidents or Unintentional Injuries

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